PSG Academy Plantation Coaches

Updated 4/30/2017, 2:18p

PSG Academy Plantation recruits the very best coaching staff available in the South Florida market to come and coach our program in Plantation, FL.  Our coaches have a strong focus on player development and long term growth of every player in our club.  

Director of Coaching

Anis Jerbi has demonstrated a long record of success as a player and coach and will serve as Director of Coaching for the 2017-2018 season. You can read his full bio by clicking here.

Development Academy Coaches

The following staff will coach the 06/07 DA for the 2017-2018 season:

  • Anis Jerbi (USSF A)
  • Chris Rue (USSF B)
  • Mike Barton (USSF C)

Team Coaches

00-99 – U18 Jimmy Sotter USSF D 00/99 – U19 Mike Williams/ Holland Rausher USSF D
01 – U17 Ivan Agudelo USSF D 01 – U17 Pablo Gentile USSF B
03 – U15 Juan Soler USSF B 02 – U16 Mike Barton USSF C
04 – U14 Akram Molaka / Erik Marquis UEFA A ,USSF A 03 – U15 Nelson Valenzuela USSF B
05 – U13 Erik Marquis USSF D 04 – U14 Spencer Collum USSF E 
  05 – U13 Mike Williams USSF D 
Akram Molaka LEAD COACH U12 - U11  
06 – U12 Diego Arboleda USSF D Billy Ramos LEAD COACH U12-U10 USSF B
07 – U11 Guillermo Henriques USSF D 06/07 – U12 Olman Murillo USSF D 
  08 – U10 Alex Jean Pierre   USSF E 
Jared Harriot LEAD COACH U10 - U9  
08 – U10 Nelson Valenzeual USSF B  
09 – U9  Jared Harriot USSF D  

Other Programs

The following coaches help the PSG Academy Plantation run programs outside of our core teams:

  • Mark Dougherty, Goalkeeping Coach
  • Fabian Trejo, Spring Camp Coordinator
  • Ben Barrick, Performance/Injury Prevention Training Coordinator
  • Chris Rue (USSF B), Futsal Training